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Red Dot Medical Information Program

ARE YOU READY FOR AN EMERGENCY?  You are home when a medical emergency occurs. You DIAL 911. Firefighters and Paramedics arrive and begin emergency care. They start asking you and/or your
family members what seems to be a tremendous amount of questions.

 What is your Medical History?
 What Medications do you take? How Much? When?
 Do you have any Allergies?
 Do you have a DNRO or Advanced Directives?
 Who are your emergency contacts?

How can you remember all of your information? Emergency workers need this important information to care for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  That’s why the Red Dot Medical Information Program was created. This information is not only extremely helpful in medical emergencies but when a call is made to law enforcement agencies for assistance as well. This quick and easy Red Dot Medical Information Form is filled out before an emergency occurs.

Please refer to the Red Dot Brochure below for information on how you can become a member of the Red Dot Medical Information Program.

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